No matter how happy you are today, you will always have tough days, days when you won’t feel like getting out of bed or meet your friends, or go to work. That means you’ll give up. NO. That is the time when you will have to help yourself and make yourself understand that this is not the end. You will have to trust the process and the timing of your life. You will have a lot of opportunities coming your way, you will also get more chances to explore yourself and know yourself better. We all have that better half in us. The half that does not give up, the half that stays patient and faces all the challenges that life throws at it and you know just make you feel stronger. Learn to listen to your better half and cherish it.
At the end of the day just remember that you must never stop looking up, and never settle for less than what you deserve.



A letter to Self….

Hey guys ! This post is a little different from the others. Its a letter to myself.The inner me that stayed with me during all ups and downs,the me who gave me the strenght to face life. I’m sure that you might also have felt these kind of emotions when you think about yourself. Happy reading 🙂

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Dear inner me
I know I haven’t been in touch with you for a while. It becomes very difficult for me to connect with you when life is rough at times. I won’t lie, but there have been times when I didn’t believe in you and I just felt like giving up because I found my life going nowhere.
Those were the days when I lost all faith in you, I refused to work towards a better you and I just accepted that maybe I don’t have the potential to achieve what I want in life.
But you know like all other times, this too had to pass. This bad phase, the struggle had to end. And guess what, fortunately it did after a couple of sleepless nights and non-stop crying for absolutely no reason. Everything around me actually changed when I decided to start life all over again. Because at some point of time, you made me realize that all bad experiences, bad memories, I had they just made me feel strong, strong enough not to give up and try until I get what I want.
I am very thankful to you for this. You made me learn that it’s okay to start again after failing but it’s not okay to stop and give up.

Love love

The sparkling light within….


I don’t know where will I be 10 years from now, what my life would be like and whether I’ll like what I’ll be doing. And sometimes it doesn’t really matter. It doesn’t matter how things would turn out be, because I believe that, ” life is an exam where the syllabus is unknown and question papers are not set. “(by someone from my school magazine). I feel it is important to keep making efforts to keep studying what ever you can because you never know what might work out for you.
The future is unknown, situations are unknown but what is well- known is our inner selves, the person we are deep inside, and the values and principles that shape our lives in the direction of our heart.
So make an effort to make your thoughts magical, your soul pure, and your mind calm to recognize the inner light within you, because that is the only light which can erase the darkness that might be surrounding you.
We all crave for affection, we all want attention, and we all dream of perfection. But always remember, before you step out into the real world, you need to give yourself the attention you deserve, the affection your soul craves and the perfection of thoughts your heart would rejoice. This will make you a true and beautiful dreamer, the one who can remember the inner light, while being trapped in the dark sorrows of life and uplift themselves with a smile and enlighten their heart with the true REVEUR(dreamer) they are!



Hey everyone! This post is a message for all of them who never gave up,who always believed in themselves and loved themselves no matter what the situation maybe.This is a big THANK YOU to them who always trusted their inner self and not the society. I just want to say that I AM PROUD OF YOU BUDDY and you should too be proud of who you are!:))

Thank you to all my friends,
Who are proud of being themselves.
Thank you for getting up every time people tried to put you down.
Thank you for loving the confident person you are inside,
Even when people bogged you down until you cried.

Thank you for being a better person everyday,
Trying to fight in the battle of life without the fear of getting defeated every time .
You are going great my Friend!
You can touch mountains even when you feel you can’t.
Thank you for believing in yourself until you reach the stars .

Life is too short to not try.
It’s you buddy, and your passion which will make you fly,
Like a bird so free, so happy in the divine sky.
Until then don’t give up, don’t lie down, give yourself a big fat thumbs up and thank yourself for coming this far.
You will definitely make it no matter how deep your scars.



Life can be very hard if you don’t know how to enjoy, especially if you don’t allow yourself to enjoy. Many times in life, we become so busy with work that we often forget to take care of ourselves and neglect the very purpose of life,  happiness. We forget that maybe we weren’t just born to work and earn, but also to live in the moment and make the most out of it. Which is the reason, we fail to realize that we too can enjoy life like others, and  that we can also have a very interesting and exciting life.
Well  I am here  to help you out if you feel that maybe you have lost the excitement in your life. It’s quite simple actually. GO WITH THE FLOW. Don’t miss opportunities coming your way, absorb and learn everything that’s flowing in the air, Don’t let negative people put you down, just keep moving where ever your life takes you. You don’t need people to tell you what’s wrong or right in that, you don’t need to overthink about what may happen next, just wake up from your bed, breath fresh, put a sweet smile on your face and just go ahead. It’s your life and its you who gets to choose what it’ll be like. There are no rules, no boundaries, no judging, no overthinking, no negativity in this flow.  So Just wear your heart on your sleeve, discover the new you and keep exploring. Because at the end of the day it’s  your story,  and only you get to determine its flow , so you gotta give it the best of who you are.


You don’t know you’re beautiful:)

Hey guys! This post is one of the closest to my heart as i have tried to express my thoughts in the form of a poem. This poem points out to a very positive and lively thought that one must always cherish in their lives.


Hey you, you’re beautiful
Not just from your skin or your height
But from the person you are deep inside.
You’re beautiful!

No matter what people say,
Or what the society expects
Your beauty is beyond their narrow standards,
Cause you’re beautiful from all aspects.

So darling, don’t waste time proving it,
Cause the world will always be a mess.
All it would need is true acceptance,
To gather up courage and say it to yourself,
Hey you, you’re beautiful!

I hope you enjoyed reading it:))

Happiness ~ the essence of life

What is real happiness?
Happiness is a journey rather than a destination. It is an experience that teaches us to live a healthy and satisfied life . Happiness is an emotion that comes from within. Because it is our choice to be happy, to smile and take life as it comes.
Many times in life we associate happiness with material luxuries. But what we don’t realize is that happiness cannot be derived from material things because they are temporary and limited. ‘Things’ can never make us happy because they are not a permanent part of our lives.
Now Coming back to the ultimate question that if not material things then what is real happiness?
Happiness is the essence of life that keeps us alive. It comes from the basic principles that shape our lives. Firstly, to be happy, we need to learn the art of breathing. Now you must be wondering that what am I even talking about. But trust me, once we learn the art of breathing freely, and understand the depth of our breath then we are half-way through the journey of happiness. Secondly, it is very important to be optimistic about everything, which means everything (including our biggest fears). This optimistic vibe will keep our energy levels up and motivate us to move forward and not give up. Lastly(super important) what we must never forget is to Love ourselves . Because without self-love, happiness has no value.
So always remember that no matter what may happen in life, never compromise anything for happiness. It is the first and the last thing we all live for. So breath, love and laugh and always keep moving forward in this adventurous journey of happiness.



You can find all the reasons for not doing a thing, or you can find some reasons for doing it. If the reasons for doing it are good, then you have got to have the courage to try it, and work out the problems as they come up

Carrol Meteer Shanks

Life is all about making wise decisions. Decisions that will lead us to the final destination of complete happiness. There may come many ups and downs in the path. Some may break us, some may make us and some events may just teach us some important life lessons and be remembered in our memories. No matter how everything may seem we always have a choice while looking at things in life. Either we can dwell on “what they did” or take charge of our own thoughts, and actions, and move on.

It is always simple to give up, like how it is easy to stop when we are tired while running, perhaps we all may have a thousand reasons for doing the same. But why not change our perspectives and think differently to find reasons to keep moving, and not stop running in the field of life. One reason that may transform our attitude and replace it with a “Never give up” attitude and build up courage to move forward, no matter how hard it may seem, no matter how far the destination maybe. One should always keep moving forward towards happiness with love, faith and hope for themselves.

I would like to conclude by saying that if we are able to find even one good reason to believe in ourselves and move forward, then it is absolutely possible to overcome the challenges as they may occur, and the destination may seem to be closer with time.